First Question:

What’s a Zakazukha?

Zakazukha is a Russian word meaning ‘cash for comment’.

Next question: why do the Russians need such a word?Touchy subject, but in the post-Glasnost free-for-all of 1990s Russia, opportunistic reporters and newspapers routinely demanded cash for favourable editorial content.

How routinely? At the practice’s peak, an official price list would circulate among PR agencies listing a schedule of zakazukha fees, depending on the length of the story and on which page it would run. There was even a premium during election campaigns!

Last question: umm… I heard something about a free font download?Zakazukha is also the name of our agency’s custom font, which is downloadable HERE.

The Zakazukha typeface is a solid upper-case font from the Helvetica family, ideal for attention-grabbing headers and making BIG STATEMENTS.

The reversed characters (available by holding shift) give Zakazukha a Cyrillic edge and deliver a splash of constructivist impact. Na Zdorovie!