Case study: Going social with Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine


You’ve heard us extol the virtues of printed media, specifically lifestyle magazines (or branded content publications), time and time again. And the stats don’t lie…

Recently, Roy Morgan released its print readership figures for Australian Newspapers and Magazines for the year to June 2018.

It showed that 74.1 per cent of Australians aged 14+ read magazines, whether in print or online. This is up 0.7 per cent from the previous year and is showing year on year growth.

In fact, 10 of Australia’s top 15 magazine titles increased readership in the 12 months to June 2018, with six of the leading titles growing their readership by at least 5 per cent on a year ago.

Overall, Roy Morgan says print magazine readership in Australia is growing, with over 15 million Australians reading magazines.

As Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research says:

“From these strong performances across the board, and with nearly three-quarters of Australians aged 14+ reading them, it is clear that magazines offer advertisers a wide range of mass market and special interest options to reach their target audiences.”

Interesting stuff, but did you know your publication can extend beyond print and into the social media sphere too?

At Zakazukha, one of the publications we produce is a branded lifestyle magazine for Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast.

This particular chronicle is printed in hard copy (on luxe matte eco stock no less) and produced digitally and shared with the brand’s wide-reaching social audience.

Blood, sweat and tears go into producing this publication each quarter, and the end result creates the perfect content to then share via the brand’s social media channels to a highly engaged audience.

There are a number of ways to share the online publication of a magazine through social media in order to attract more readers, but here’s how we do it.

We use issuu.com as our publishing platform, which offers some automated options, but you can also manually create interesting posts for your audience by taking a selection of key photographs and providing a catchy blurb with a link back to the online magazine.

Photo and content post

Here is an example of a photo post we created manually by uploading the original images that were used in the magazine, writing a description, tagging your subject and relevant influencers and linking to the magazine or an individual article using the ‘Create Stories’ option discussed below.

Your audience can interact with both the photos and the magazine.

Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine

Create and share stories

You can share stories via social to allow readers to get right to the good stuff.

In addition to sharing the whole magazine, you can create a story from select pages within your publication to showcase your best articles, promote topics or brands, plus reach and connect with your subjects and their audiences by tagging their social media accounts in your posts.

Take a look at these examples:

With this ‘Salt with Spice’ article, we used a different multiple photo sharing option that Facebook provides which looks more like an advert:

Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine

Stand out on social, with a GIF

Quickly and easily turn your publication or selected articles into a GIF, so you can share your digital product work with the world through your social media channels.

Given the popularity of video sharing on social media, this is definitely worth experimenting on with your audiences.

Again, tagging your subjects and their social media channels is a good way to reach out and connect with them as influencers and engage with a broader audience.

Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine


Creating stacks in ISSUU is another effective way to repurpose and redistribute your digital content in order to grow your audience.

Use Stacks to bundle your publications together from your back catalogue and then using the link provided, share the content via your social media channels.

Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine

Cross promoting your marketing efforts, such as sharing magazine content online, can be an excellent way to engage with a wider audience or further delight and inspire your current social audience.

A magazine is a fantastic way to tell your company’s story, but it doesn’t need to stop there.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to share our clients stories, and use the tools in place to maximise their impact – cross promoting your mediums in just one way to achieve this.