It’s awards season, well for the arts and entertainment industry at least, and we all know how that’s gone down… We’re talking to you, Will Smith. But it’s also the start of the business awards season where a number of gongs are given out for achievements in various areas, including start-ups, employer of choice, best […]

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  • What does your digital footprint say about you?

    What does your digital footprint say about you?

    If you’re pitching for new business to a prospective client, the first thing someone will do after you’ve met with them is go online to check you out, but what does your digital footprint say about you? Searching is not creepy or stalking. Rather, it’s what anyone would or should do to check your bona […]

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  • The Power of Brand

    The Power of Brand

    With so much emphasis on return on investment (ROI) in all forms of marketing, particularly digital, it’s worth remembering the power of your brand and continually nurturing its awareness. Sure, we need to measure our marketing output to ensure we stay on budget and achieve results but being in the right place at the right […]

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  • Wheel of fortune

    Wheel of fortune

    What does good financial planning and successfully marketing your business have in common? Much more than you’d ever think. Financial planning is all about setting up the right strategies to build long-term wealth for your future and relies heavily on the concept of compound interest. If you’re not sure what it is, compound interest is […]

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  • Three Key Holiday Marketing Tactics to Remain Relevant

    Three Key Holiday Marketing Tactics to Remain Relevant

    As we hurtle towards the back end of the calendar year and the holiday season, it’s normal to feel the fatigue set in and to take our foot off the marketing pedal. After all, everyone will be away, no one will see your marketing efforts anyway and you might as well save the money, right? […]

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  • The digital age

    The digital age

    How we access media now compared to how we used to access it has drastically changed over the past few years. Currently you can find out about global events occurring through social media before news sources have even had time to report on them, and accessing media such as magazines, movies and products can be […]

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  • Crisis? What crisis?

    Crisis? What crisis?

    In The Day of the Jackal, a 1973 film about an assassination attempt on French president Charles de Gaulle, the phrase “Crisis? What crisis?” was coined and subsequently referenced by numerous media and artists in later years. In context it alludes to an indifference when something goes wrong and delay in taking action. The Exxon […]

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  • Chatbot chatter

    Chatbot chatter

    The pursuit of business efficiencies while maintaining a level of customer service has seen the rise of the chatbot, but are they a help or a hinderance for a company? What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a program that simulates human conversation (written or spoken), allowing people to interact with digital devices such as […]

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  • Verifying your Social Media

    Verifying your Social Media

    Are you the bona-fide, real deal? Perhaps you should consider verifying your presence on social media. Verification of your social media accounts has many advantages, and not just proving your identity. It also provides a level of bee’s-knees status above non-verified accounts as people are more likely to trust these accounts, playing a key part […]

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  • Are you Socially Secure?

    Are you Socially Secure?

    While cybersecurity is not normally in our bailiwick, a recent issue has made us aware that now more than ever we need to be cyber secure…

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