Concept to reality – the creation of Speedy McWheelie


We recently had the pleasure of creating, developing, and delivering a fun mascot as a graphic design project for our client Automundo.

It was a simple creative marketing brief.

Develop something fun and interesting that matches the Automundo brand and would be well-suited to use through external communications channels such electronic Direct Marketing emails (eDMs) and Social Media networks.

We chose to collaborate on the project with an up-and-coming local artist and designer, the very talented Carla Carlos-Battaglia.

A brainstorming session ensued with ideas flying about the room. How to put a friendly face to an Automotive wholesaler’s brand?

We needed something that said – friendly service, fast delivery, and affordable pricing without saying anything much at all, except for Vamos! (Let’s go!)

Many of these ideas were shot down in flames, but others rose above and were duly conceptualised and developed for the fulfilment of the job at hand.

Carla, with all her artistic and graphic design nous, was able to grab hold of those key concepts and had soon sketched, painted, digitised and brought our new friend ‘Speedy’ to life!

We love a fun design project and of course another successful collaboration. It’s great to work with local talent and businesses in our region.

See below for a few concepts that didn’t make the cut during the process leading to the final artwork.

Finally, if you are looking for a new car, why not buy your next vehicle online with support from the friendly Automundo team.

Check out their virtual showroom – Automundo.com.au

Adios amigos! 😊