Good News Story Alert: The Ipromea Surfing Dog



You Would be Silly if Seeing a Dog Surfing Didn’t Make You Smile

Zakazukha jumped on board an opportunity to promote their pet probiotic client, Ipromea’s, new brand ambassador – a surfing British Bulldog called Porkchops.

After sending out a Media Alert to some of the key local media contacts, the experienced Zakazukha media team managed to get two of the mainstream nightly news stations out to Mermaid Beach on 28 August 2021 to capture this surfer-pooch in action.


Did you see Porkchops on your TV screens?

Ipromea’s surfing Ambassador got some great media exposure on both 7News Queensland and Gold Coast, and 9News Gold Coast.

If you missed it, check out the coverage via the links below:

Why the media loves a good news story

Although they are mostly chasing the breaking news stories, the journalists are always after a few good news stories that can bring a little bit of joy to viewers and fill any gaps on a slow news day. The balance is important, so it’s not all gloom and doom.


“This good new story about a surfing dog was definitely an opportunity that the media was looking for, especially amongst all the serious news stories and lockdown restrictions that much of the state was facing,” says Annika Morgan, Ipromea Account Manager at Zakazukha.


“This kind of media exposure was a great branding opportunity for Ipromea, with their logo and product on display, whilst Porkchops lapped up the limelight.


Ambassador and Instagram Influencer – of the furry kind

This media attention certainly didn’t hurt in boosting Porkchops already massive Instagram profile (was 167k at the time of the media and now 168k).

Not only will this help with promoting the Surf School for Mark and Porkchops, but the Instagram followers will continue to see the Ipromea brand promoted – so everybody wins.

More about Porkchops and his relationship with Ipromea



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