Three Key Holiday Marketing Tactics to Remain Relevant


As we hurtle towards the back end of the calendar year and the holiday season, it’s normal to feel the fatigue set in and to take our foot off the marketing pedal.

After all, everyone will be away, no one will see your marketing efforts anyway and you might as well save the money, right?

Wrong! Just because people’s focus might shift to things other than the work imperatives in front of them, their brains don’t just switch off.

In fact, December and January can be the most productive months when many business decisions are formulated and planned, to be executed as soon as the New Year kicks in.

If you’re not in front of these businesses when they’re in the decision-making mode, then you might not be in their frame at all.

Here are three key tactics to consider to keep your business top-of-mind over the next couple of months:

  1. Keep up your digital spend – if you’ve already spent time and effort getting a decent digital strategy in place, then don’t pull it back just because you don’t think people will be looking. It’s one of the easiest marketing tactics to keep going during this period.
  2. Push the PR – there’s a misconception people don’t read or watch TV during their holidays, so there’s no use pushing out PR stories. The opposite is true, as people have more time to digest media and journalists are looking for stories to fill space. It’s a great time to get a well-crafted yarn out to the masses.
  3. Speak over the silence – if your competitors are downing tools, then it’s a great time to remind businesses what you do and what you’ve done throughout the year. A recap reel, EDM of work wins, or just an email highlighting something special will all help keep you relevant.


To paraphrase Henry Ford, “Stopping your marketing to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”