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Marketing Agency Brand Growth Strategies. Zakazukha, your marketing agency on the Gold Coast talks all things for brand growth strategies.

We’ve worked with dozens of new companies (on the Gold Coast, nationally and even internationally!) to help bring them to life. We’ve also worked with plenty of established ones to guide them through creating a new identity, and in almost every case the question comes up— is our brand a logo and can a marketing agency help us?

In the world of design there’s nothing more controversial or hotly contested, but we look at the issue from a different perspective. A brand is the embodiment of a business. Think Qantas or JB Hi-Fi. Both are strong brands in terms of their colour palette down to how they interact with the public.

No design firm on earth can create and direct your brand, only you (the business owner, marketing manager etc.) can to ensure it maintains the expression that makes it unique. What a marketing agency Gold Coast design company can do is get to understand your brand, what makes you tick, and then use those insights to help create a logo. The brand is the foundation of a company and the logo is the visual shortcut to the trademark of the brand.

A logo identity system and a strong branding system are both crucial when marketing and promoting a consistent image and voice, but a brand speaks for itself.

Zakazukha’s marketing agency Gold Coast design work in creating business identities has stretched around the globe for a wide range of industries including finance, manufacturing, mining, property and technology.

Our approach is to get to understand the inner workings of your brand and then create the visual imprint that sets you apart from your competitors.

So, if you’re on the Gold Coast, pop in to our marketing agency Gold Coast office at Burleigh and say hi, and we can take a deep dive into your brand and what it truly means, in order to create an identity that really resonates with your audience.