While cybersecurity is not normally in our bailiwick, a recent issue has made us aware that now more than ever we need to be cyber secure, especially with social media accounts. All it takes is an innocent click before some deceitful person gets hold of your account along with all of the information in it. From experience we thought we would provide some pointers in making your social media accounts more secure.


Strong Password

Long gone are the days where passwords like “fishandchipshop01” cut it anymore. Usually the best strategy to prevent anyone from guessing your password is by creating one out of a series of numbers and letters rather than words followed by numbers. This will make ‘guessing’ your password near impossible.


Two-Factor Authentication

This is one of the best and most efficient methods of keeping your accounts secure. You will need approval from a specific device or third-party account (email or phone number for example). By having two-factor set up you will be notified about any attempts of hacking on your account and will ensure only the people you want access to your account can.


Changing your password regularly

A good strategy to always ensure social media cyber safety is to change your password every three to 12 months. Frequency all depends on your concern for security breaches. Just make sure you keep in mind what your password is being changed too, as you never want to get locked out of your own home.



Sometimes you just need to use an external system to help keep all your passwords in check and secure. With programs like RoboForm you’ll be able to store all of your passwords in one secure location without concern of getting locked out of your own account as well as one click access to your social media channels.


Trusting the right people

When it comes to choosing who can and can’t have access to your account, it’s always good to keep check on the login history on your account. Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have a security list where you can see where, when and what devices have accessed your account. Whenever you see an irregularity, you’ll know.


If you have any more questions or concerns about keeping your platforms secure be sure to get in contact with us and we can help keep everything locked down.