Welcome to the New Year – Here’s looking at you


While the New Year signals a fresh start for many, the art of reflection could be just what we all need to practice to be better businesses in 2021.

Research has shown that reflection boosts productivity, in one case by as much as 23% from employees that spent 15 minutes looking back on what they had done at the end of the workday.

Another study of UK commuters found a similar result when those who were prompted to use their commute to think about and plan for their day were happier, more productive, and less burned out than people who didn’t.

Executive and team coach, Jennifer Porter, sums it up succinctly in an article she wrote for the Harvard Business Review:

“The most useful reflection involves the conscious consideration and analysis of beliefs and actions for the purpose of learning,” she says.

“Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning.

“This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions.”

While the New Year is the obvious time to plan ahead, the team at Zakazukha have been busy reflecting on our work over the past 12 months and have encapsulated some of the best bits into a compendium of what we’ve achieved.

Call it a series of case studies, a capability statement of sorts, or a Showcase (as we did) – it covers a range of projects, work and outcomes we’ve accomplished for our clients and demonstrates some of our thinking behind the strategies.

It’s not a blog, series of social media posts, or heaven forbid a podcast, we produced and published it as a 48-page, high-quality magazine to demonstrate our bona fides.

The production has taken time and plenty of reflection on what we’ve been doing during what was for many a very chaotic year, and we’re pleased to say on the whole the process has given us plenty to think about and strive for in the future.

You can download a copy here, but we’re more than happy to post you the real thing in all its ink and paper glory (typeface Galaxie Polaris and paper stock Knight Smooth and Knight Vellum to be exact).

Just send us your details and it’ll be in the mail by 5pm.

Zakazukha Showcase 2021
Click on the image to grab yourself a copy of the Zakazukha Showcase!