Plant Doctor prescribes spring ready lawn and garden solution


In the lead up to spring, our valued client Plant Doctor dished the dirt on achieving spring success in the yard with channels 7 and 9 News Gold Coast.

Owner and Managing Director Adam Fitzhenry shared his spring-time advice – prepare your soil and feed the beneficial microbes so that when the onslaught of summer hits, your plants and lawns are hearty, healthy and resilient.

When it comes to soil health, it’s all about conditioning your soil to effectively hold on to nutrients and water! One of Plant Doctor’s recommendations is to improve the soil structure and its water holding capacity while also ensuring fertilisers can penetrate the soil and deliver nutrients rather than running off into waterways.

The story was covered by both Channels 9 and 7 News Gold Coast, who came along and got some great tips and tricks – just in time for the growing season!

Check out the two news clips below.


7 GC News – https://www.facebook.com/840702249361798/videos/673533590706953


9 GC News – https://www.facebook.com/96933606722/videos/572324000683141