Caldera Fine Foods

Branding, packaging and marketing

Gold Coast based food innovators and farmers, Katie and James Geralds, aspired to create a range of pantry staples showcasing Australian native ingredients. Spurred on by a desire to launch in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games to attract international attention, they developed cocktail syrups, cordials, jams, confits and a variety of sauces to be sold both to the restaurant and catering sector and through retail outlets.

Zakazukha was briefed to design distinctive branding and packaging for the unique product range that both identified the specific native ingredients as well as provide a point of difference that would make them stand out on retail shelves, and without reverting to potential clichés that were prevalent in the market.

Our approach was to keep the design simple and use textural elements such as paper, a mix of formal and informal typefaces and bespoke hand drawn images to help tell their story.

Extensive research was conducted to understand why people would choose a product that featured native ingredients as well as identifying cost effective but dynamic packaging solutions that would stand the test of time.

The Native Collection is now an established food brand with unique packaging that is sold Australia-wide. The cocktail syrup range utilise a full paper wrap label with a rustic string tie, while jar and bottled products feature reversed white artwork to allow the colourful ingredients to be easily seen.