Zakazukha secured a competitive tender to provide media relation services to the Federal Government Statutory Authority, the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA). The organisation is the lead agency to manage programs for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people living within the region, an archipelago of islands stretching from the tip of Australia’s mainland through to Papua New Guinea.

The six-year contract included the provision of media releases, content for brochures, talking points for media interviews, and the production of development plans, corporate plans and annual reports.

Zakazukha was also required to provide a strategic approach to managing issues with high media visibility and developing an organisational strategic communications plan from which the organisation could work from.

A number of media outlets provided opportunities for the TSRA’s news to be heard, including the local Torres News newspaper and Radio 4MW, dedicated national media such as and Koori News and mainstream media such as the Cairns Post and the ABC radio and online.

With previous experience in Indigenous affairs, Zakazukha was able to establish a constant and strategic flow of positive news from the TSRA’s various program areas, highlighting the important work the organisation undertook and the achievements of people living in the region. This included news about infrastructure projects in communities, arts and cultural initiatives through its Gab Titui Cultural Centre, environmental and land management, economic development and Native Title issues.

Zakazukha was able to reach a wider audience showcasing these important Indigenous initiatives taking place in a remote part of the country, including publication in national and international press.

The TSRA’s social media presence was also greatly enhanced through regular news and information updates, with an audience grown organically to over 4,000 people, and posts in some cases reaching over 15,000 people.

Zakazukha also provided creative services for a number of campaigns and publications.