Television commercials

HydroKleen is a national franchise and international licensee of trademarked air conditioning cleaning services. The company pioneered a system that eliminates microbial pollutants such as mould, mildew, fungi and other assorted bacteria from air conditioning units. HydroKleen prides itself on being the first company to identify the need to clean the coils of a system and developed technology to safely and efficiently do this.

HydroKleen has been educating consumers on the need to properly clean their air conditioners for over 10 years. It’s three key messages are a properly cleaned air conditioner will save on power bills, eliminate nasty microbial contamination, and prolong the life of the unit. The company required a series of television commercials that would easily convey these messages in an informative and entertaining way. The commercials were also required to be universal – to be used around the country, and dubbed into a range of languages for international licensee use.

Zakazukha’s research found that animation was the best way to quickly convey multiple messages in a short time frame while still being entertaining and educational, as well as maintaining the ability to communicate to different cultures without stereotyping. Two 30 second animated commercials were written and produced for HydroKleen with the assistance of animators that have aired around Australia as well as translated and broadcast in over eight languages to a dozen counties around the world.