• Video

    Video has always been a powerful medium, and that power has only grown with the advent of smartphones and social media.

    The numbers are staggering.

    Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter cumulatively report billions of views on a daily basis. Facebook, in particular, is pushing its users to create more video, because it is the most engaging content.

    Video production for your brand

    Brands that create captivating video content are richly rewarded by social media users.

    With the aim of creating viral content in mind, Zakazukha engaged sound producer Timothy Fairless to produce a content marketing campaign for Motorline BMW, Daisy Hill.

    With Timothy and a high-class video production team, Zakazukha created a short film that showcased Motorline’s stunning dealership backed with a story of sound as Timothy created a track composed entirely of noises from BMW cars.

    The end product is a commercial that doesn’t feel like a commercial and demands the viewer’s attention from start to finish.

    Work with Zakazukha and we’ll produce the kind of content for your brand that can help drive your business and boost engagement through social media marketing.

  • Public relations

    Proactive public relations (as opposed to media relations) puts you in control of your own story.

    That’s important, because if you don’t tell the story yourself then others will, and there is a good chance they’ll get it wrong.

    So take control. Tell the public about your wins. Explain your decisions. Provide a deeper insight into who you are and why you do what you do.

    Engaging in public relations

    By engaging with the public, you will build goodwill for your business and organisation that is a substantial intangible resource.

    It’s called a social license to operate, and every business needs one.

    And if you hit tough times, or your business or organisation becomes involved with an issue of public interest, you will draw on that goodwill to get what you want by ensuring the public listens to your message and is on your side.

    Zakazukha manages public relations for a range of businesses including the Torres Strait Regional Authority, the body established by the Australian Federal Government to administer community services for the Torres Strait.

    The TSRA is in an ongoing and evolving conversation with its community.

    It involves both proactive and reactive public relations management, which Zakazukha tends to on a daily basis.

    We produce media releases, internal and external newsletters, brochures and social media with a uniform and consistent message aligned with TSRA organisational strategy that gives the Torres Strait community confidence in its federal representative body.

  • Copywriting

    We’re copywriters and corporate storytellers.

    This is the starting point of everything we do, because being able to tell a compelling story is the foundation of all successful marketing collateral.

    Copywriting for business

    So often, business is numbers focused, but it’s your story that sells your product. It gives people a reason to care enough to listen to your message.

    Your story attracts investors and builds sales as it builds public interest in your business and products that can be leveraged to grow your influence. We can help you to tell your story and gain cut through in a competitive market.

    Headline Creative engaged Zakazukha as copywriters to write the stories in half-a-dozen of its regionally focused coffee table books, distributed across South East Queensland and northern New South Wales.

    Every business has a reason for being, a unique offering that sets them apart from their competitors. Communicating that reason is the starting point for all of your marketing strategies.

  • Creative and design

    Zakazukha ’s creative and design skills have been used for a wide range of products and services from branding and advertising campaigns to packaging, plus digital and print publications.

    A colourful but modern series of labels were required by The Native Collection to place on their range of Australian native cocktail syrups, at the same time being able to sit comfortably alongside well-known spirit bottles on bar shelves.

    Designing the complete package

    Zakazukha needed to produce a bottle with packaging that bartenders were proud to use, which also told the important story of the native ingredients inside.

    The individually hand-drawn design on paper sleeve for each flavour of syrup provides a deep representation of the core ingredients inside with a message that captivates the bar-side audience and adds to the show of cocktail preparation.

  • Print publications

    Zakazukha’s writers, editors and designers produce high-quality print publications entirely in-house.

    We can deliver the whole package from concept to finished product, and work with our established partners for production and distribution.

    Creating publications with lasting value

    Mercedes-Benz dealerships at Gold Coast and Parramatta engaged Zakazukha to create magazines that build rich context around their products and services.

    Over a number of years, Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast magazine, MBGC as it’s known, has become a well-loved and premium addition to the Gold Coast lifestyle press. The MBGC magazine integrates the Mercedes-Benz brand with the city’s vibrant culture.

    You may have heard that print publications are a relic of the past, but that’s not the case – magazine readership is booming in Australia.

    Be a part of the revival and let Zakazukha help you create an outstanding printed or digital magazine.

  • Media relations

    Media relations refer to the relationship that a company or organisation develops with journalists.

    Nev Hyman is a pioneer and a visionary who made his name in surfboard design and has now moved on to a new project that could provide a solution to the planet’s housing and plastic waste issues – NevHouse.

    Zakazukha has been working with Nev on the NevHouse concept for several years in a corporate storytelling and media relations role.

    Pitching the message

    Nev is a proactive and passionate human who has no trouble selling his message, and it is up to Zakazukha to get him in front of the media who can broadcast that message to the nation and the world.

    You may have seen Nev on the 7.30 Report when he provided new houses for victims of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, on Today Tonight after winning the global Pitch@Palace competition, or live on Weekend Sunrise from the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

    Using its network of media contacts, Zakazukha can provide Nev with an important platform to communicate his message and vision.

    We help our clients do the same by finding their story and pitching it to the right people in the right places. And we get results.

  • Social media

    Social media is no longer the wild west it was just a few years ago.

    The sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence developed by Facebook and other platforms have turned digital marketing into more of a science than an art.

    Users have been psychologically profiled and then commodified and everything is measurable, which has allowed advertisers to target the most obscure market segments imaginable.

    The public is no longer naïve, but are still engaged by authentic content.

    Content marketing campaigns

    Zakazukha’s ‘Smashed Avo’ campaign for Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast achieved cut-through with a message that spoke to the key young professional demographic who are the ideal A-Class driver.

    The campaign was coordinated across several channels and included a short video that garnered thousands of views across Facebook and Instagram with associated images that progressed the visual and written narrative.

    Together, these elements developed high engagement which in turn drove A-Class vehicle sales. 

    This also connected with a wider campaign that included content marketing, email, radio advertisements and a roaming vehicle splashed with the campaign’s key value proposition.

    The team at  Zakazukha can help you to develop the creative ideas and develop the kind of content that will create a memorable and engaging social media campaign.

    We can also assist you to manage your social media on a daily basis as well.