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Yes, we’re a PR Agency Gold Coast –  but here’s how we can help you – wherever you may be

PR Agency Gold CoastEarned media exposure can do wonders for a business or cause. It can highlight a product or service to a larger audience, drive sales or disseminate a simple yet important message to influence change globally, and if you need local knowledge to drive this, you are looking for a PR Agency Gold Coast

It also provides a level of credibility over and above mainstream advertising tactics, but can also work in tandem with them for a highly effective marketing campaign.

But what makes for great public relations (or PR)? Firstly, you need a solid story to tell. It doesn’t have to be the most exciting news in the world, but the framing and telling of it need to be executed just right.

The news media is bombarded with pitches from PR agencies Gold Coast every minute of the day, all expecting to get some sort of run or airing that will please the client and deliver stellar results.

Unfortunately all but a few fall flat. Why? Well, there’s three main reasons.

Number one, the story needs to be considered not just for the obvious, but also in terms of conflict, timing and proximity — all traditional and well-worn news values.

Secondly, the audience needs to be clearly considered and defined. Who is it going to and what news channels are available and best suited to get it to them? Without identifying an appropriate readership, there is no story.

Finally, it needs to be executed with a journalist’s eye, both in determining what’s going on (framing) and what the actual story is (telling). It’s about having the proverbial finger on the pulse and recognising what kind of story works best for which publication.

It’s not uncommon for pitches to media to miss the mark because this basic technical structure isn’t adhered to.

Modern public relations has its roots in the early 20th century in the UK and US when public influence and communications management was used for the war efforts and consequently commercial applications.

With the advent of print and mass media pioneers such as Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) and Walter Lippmann helped found many of the practices that are still widely in use today.

While over time some use of the practice has created connotations of being a ‘dark art’ of perception management, good PR should be done in the open, be accurate, accountable and cover topics of public interest.

A case study in the power and effectiveness of  our PR Agecy Gold Coast is our work with the well-known regional tradition, the Grafton Jacaranda Festival. Now in its 87th year, it’s the oldest floral festival in Australia and attracts tens-of-thousands of people from around the country and the world to view the annual spectacle of the flowering cascade of purple jacaranda trees.

Zakazukha has been working with the northern NSW festival for a few years now, and one of our primary roles is to manage and gain media coverage to promote the event and ensure it continues to be top-of-mind for people considering travelling to the region from late October to early November.

We manage all of this from both our HQ here on the Gold Coast (oh the magic of the internet!) and from our second outpost right in the heart of the action in Grafton.

The festival is a major contributor to local business and generates millions for the economy each year. Our approach to any  PR Agency Gold Coast campaigns is simple: establish what goals are to be achieved, uncover as many newsworthy angles as possible, then work strategically to get those stories out through the most appropriate media channels.

A background in journalism or nose for news always helps, but it’s also about looking at the story in front and thinking creatively to ensure it has the best possible chance of making it in the media, and in turn providing the influence it’s designed to achieve.

In the case of the Jacaranda Festival there are different audiences to consider (local, interstate and international), numerous events and of course the phenomenon of the trees, all needing to be considered to produce the best possible outcome.

Providing a managed and strategic approach, and working with local, national and international media, Zakazukha provided an outstanding result for the festival in 2019 including 17 front page features, 116 news stories and 17 advertising features.

Who doesn’t love a natural wonder, but ensuring a steady stream of relevant and timely stories were rolled out to news outlets that genuinely wanted to hear about them helped secure the results.

While not all PR campaigns will garner this level of exposure, it does demonstrate that a good story well told can reach many ears and eyes, and in-turn generate awareness, interest and effect.

And it doesn’t matter where you may be – we can help.

We’ve worked with clients from the tip of Australia right down to its toes, and over the ocean as well.

So with us being a PR Agency Gold Coast Company made you think twice about us at first, don’t let it stop you now from picking up the phone and giving us a call, because as long as you have a story to tell, we will make sure it’s heard.