Public relations

Proactive public relations (as opposed to media relations) puts you in control of your own story.

That’s important, because if you don’t tell the story yourself then others will, and there is a good chance they’ll get it wrong.

So take control. Tell the public about your wins. Explain your decisions. Provide a deeper insight into who you are and why you do what you do.

Engaging in public relations

By engaging with the public, you will build goodwill for your business and organisation that is a substantial intangible resource.

It’s called a social license to operate, and every business needs one.

And if you hit tough times, or your business or organisation becomes involved with an issue of public interest, you will draw on that goodwill to get what you want by ensuring the public listens to your message and is on your side.

Zakazukha manages public relations for a range of businesses including the Torres Strait Regional Authority, the body established by the Australian Federal Government to administer community services for the Torres Strait.

The TSRA is in an ongoing and evolving conversation with its community.

It involves both proactive and reactive public relations management, which Zakazukha tends to on a daily basis.

We produce media releases, internal and external newsletters, brochures and social media with a uniform and consistent message aligned with TSRA organisational strategy that gives the Torres Strait community confidence in its federal representative body.

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