Social media

Social media is no longer the wild west it was just a few years ago.

The sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence developed by Facebook and other platforms have turned digital marketing into more of a science than an art.

Users have been psychologically profiled and then commodified and everything is measurable, which has allowed advertisers to target the most obscure market segments imaginable.

The public is no longer naïve, but are still engaged by authentic content.

Content marketing campaigns

Zakazukha’s ‘Smashed Avo’ campaign for Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast achieved cut-through with a message that spoke to the key young professional demographic who are the ideal A-Class driver.

The campaign was coordinated across several channels and included a short video that garnered thousands of views across Facebook and Instagram with associated images that progressed the visual and written narrative.

Together, these elements developed high engagement which in turn drove A-Class vehicle sales. 

This also connected with a wider campaign that included content marketing, email, radio advertisements and a roaming vehicle splashed with the campaign’s key value proposition.

The team at  Zakazukha can help you to develop the creative ideas and develop the kind of content that will create a memorable and engaging social media campaign.

We can also assist you to manage your social media on a daily basis as well.

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